Russia and the Silk Roads

I traveled through a period of time that has now drifted into history; the collapse of the Soviet Union. Words such as ‘glas-nost’ were still fresh, and I recall the vision of Yeltsin standing on a tank, defending democracy as the Russians would learn to know it. For the reader looking for suspense and adventure, to say nothing of personal dangers, this journey covers them all.

From the cold stark reality of Auschwitz, to the sunny beaches of Yalta and the warm-hearted people of Odessa.

Standing in the shadow of the Kremlin, then on to reveling in the wonders held within the Hermitage in St. Petersburg.

Join me as I travel across Siberia on the longest train ride in the world. My adventures include the hair-raising experience of being detained at the border of China, to achieving a boyhood dream of walking on the Marco Polo Bridge, reliving the adventures of the Silk Roads.

I traveled here during a unique period of history, as the veil of communism was lifted from the Soviet Union, to reveal a frozen time-capsule and a nation struggling to adapt.

Russia and the Silk Roads

by Robert F. Edwards

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