My Journey North of Antarctica

The Antarctic is one of the few places, antarctica_t
if not the only place that as a continent, Man has not desecrated by his presence. The sheer beauty and the inhabitants of this natural environment are wondrous. This is only part of this journey. I experi­enced a magical part of the Patagonians on Lago Puelo: the Galapagos Islandswhere nature dominates, and man is limited in his intru­sions: areas of Central America, and their different ways of life. Whether it was in Costa Rica, and seeing the tico man, or Honduras and the Copan ruins, I am so grateful to have seen this part of our amazing planet, and it will be as re­warding to the reader as it has been to the writer.

Come, one and all to experience what few people will ever experience in any of our life-times.The Antarctic, its mystical wonders and luring inhabitants.Next, visit the Patagonians of Argentina with the true gaucho’s life that has made them famous throughout the world.The Galapagos Islands, known for its contribution of rare species, and ecological remoteness protecting the planets ecosystem.Continue on to enjoy some of the mysteries and excitement of Central America through the Panama right up to Honduras.Learn about the civilization of the Copan.This Canadian back-packer, over the years, has had many remarkable experiences, but this one is a testimonial that.”Dreams do come true.”

My Journey North of Antarcticaantarctica_t

by Robert F. Edwards

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