My Journey to Africa

africa_tFollow in my footsteps as I back-pack across Africa to realize many of my boyhood dreams.

This intimate journal starts my two month plus adventure in MOROCCO, visiting the holy cities of Fes and Meknes, shopping in the medinas of Marrakech , and trekking through the High Atlas Mountains.Moving through TUNISIA, I was granted permission into Libya to experience the rarely seen ancient cities of Leptis Magna and Cyrene.

Trekking over the sea sands of the Great SAHARA DESERT was a wish fulfilled. Not to be missed were the wonders of EGYPT; the great pyramids of Giza, the treasures of Tutankhamen, camel rides through the Valley of the Kings, sailing the Nile in a felucca to Aswan, and a flight to Abu Simbel to visit Ramses IPs Great Temple. 

The accomplishment of a lifetime, to successfully climb to the top of Africa’s highest mountain, KILIMANJARO, was truly….A DREAM COME TRUE.

My Journey to Africa

by Robert F. Edwards

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