The Ambassador Program

Here are some photographs that were taken in Honduras this September. This was part of the Ambassador Program’s efforts to share the success and ongoing programs with World Vision in Honduras.

We will start raising  funds  for Child Health. Each ambassador will try to find sponsors for five new sponsored children. In my case I’ve already got one from Honduras and  five from the Philippines.
To help promote getting the six sponsored children, I am giving a copy of Grandpee and Coleman’s bedtime stories to anyone that sponsors a child.

World Vision ambassadors are hoping to raise $15,000 and the Canadian government will meet whatever is achieved, so the hope is that the health program for children will be able to raise $30,000.

The World Vision Ambassador Sponsorship program is planning a trip to Tanzania sometime in the spring of 2016. There will be a total of 10 ambassadors and two overseers that are employed by World Vision.