South America Exploration

My wishes on this particular adventure of 2001 were to see the Easter Islands, to go around the Cape, and to spend time in Rio de Janeiro, at the famous beach of Copacabana. So, the three wishes were given to me, and I received them with awe and admiration.But there is so much more, like the Iguazu Falls, the Patagonians, the Torres del Paine, the freight ship from Punta Are­nas to Puerto Montt, the volcano in the lake area of Chile, and on and on it goes.

Share in the excitement as this Canadian author travels across South America, as he discovers the Moai statues on the Easter Islands, sails the treacherous seas through the Strait of Magellan, climbs the ice glaciers of the Patagonians, and revels in the Carnaval of Rio de Janeiro. Join him as he explores the deserts of Atacama, the turbulence of Iguazu Falls, and the culture and sophistication of Buenos Aires.

View this vast and varied continent through the eyes of a back-packer, in his intimate journal of hardships and delights. This frank and oft-times revealing look at a people and their culture provides a unique perspective. His adventurous spirit is tested on 36-hour bus trips, and passage on a freight ship, yet his sense of humour prevails. The warmth of the people he encounters on a daily basis makes this a truly memorable journey, with lasting impressions for more than one life-time.

South America Explorationsa_exploration_t

by Robert F. Edwards

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