About me.. Robert F. Edwards

I am presently living in Burnaby, British Co­lumbia, Canada with my wife of thirty-nine years. I main­tain a close connection with my daughter and grandson, also living in the Lower Mainland.

After a relatively successful career in the business arena, I now have the time to pursue my driving ambition of world travel which has taken me to every continent. I enjoy sailing, trekking, and mountain climbing. In later years, I took on the challenging sport of fencing, and am now proficient with all three weapons. I write poems and fictional stories. I partake in the arts in various forms; painting in acrylic and water-colour, and clay sculpturing, along with photography.

In addition to being an ambassador for World Vision, I also work with Rise Above Foundation Cebu in the Philippines. This mission achieves remarkable results in the area of the poor at Cebu in the Philippines.

I am also proactive with Developing World Connections and The Extra Mile Ministry.

Robert received Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee Medal for his dedication in eradicating poverty, injustice and oppression as an active volunteer with World Vision.