Grandpee and Coleman

My collection of bedtime stories to be enjoyed by children of all ages. With each story, some pure imagination, some based on real-life events, I share my thoughts on the many aspects of life that each child will encounter growing up with the goal of pass on some valuable life lessons.


This collection of stories was first started 14 years ago when my family was blessed by a wonderful addition: my grandson, Cole. At the beginning of this blessed event, I would sit down by the side of the bed and tell a story to this wonderful person in my life. Nevertheless, time stops for no one and this book was no exception.

This book reached its last chapter when Cole turned into a young man at the age of 14. The contents scan over these years; the first stories were when Cole was just one year old and the last when he reached that pinnacle age. It was important for this book to have an ending.

This book is like a tapestry or a woven quilt of knowledge and experiences, for these stories fulfill the 14 years of one young man and one old man. It is a sincere hope that Cole and other children, in growing up, not only enjoy the contents of this book but will gain some of the knowledge which will help them throughout their lives.

Cole is no longer a young boy, but a young man and getting older each day. He will share his own stories, as well as others, with his friends and the people that he will come across throughout his life. Just maybe one day Cole will tell stories that have influenced him, just as the stories in this book have influenced me.

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