Birkenhead: Novelettes Collection

Join me as I transport you through a fictional world of fantasy and possibilities! From present to past, from murder and mayhem to laughter and tears. Birkenhead comes complete with 7 stories for everyone to enjoy.


“Constable TIC” is set in the midlands of England, a region I have visited many times. Join the Constable as he comes face to face with a country village mystery.

“The Fridge Mystery” takes place in Canada where I live. Detective pair, Reginald and Fiona, work to track down international espionage, and yes, this couple is as unusual as the title.

“The Other Door” takes place in Alberta, Canada. A place that is dear to my heart. You may never look at a barn door the same after reading this story.

“The Warrior” was inspired by my best friend’s father, Sergeant Neil Kerr. It salutes the heroism of our First Nations people.

“Pinot Wine” is set in France, Morocco, and Algeria. This story follows the adventures of the French Foreign Legion.

“Elizabeth” takes us back to England. No, I have never met her. Yes, this story may haunt your dreams for many a night to come.

“Captain Eggenbottom” is set in England and moves throughout the Caribbean Sea and the southern coast of the United States of America. Share in the exploits of the Captain as he plunders the Caribbean.

This book’s title is of great importance to the novelettes that follow in the pages beyond the cover. Birkenhead Lake is located 37 km on the Pemberton D’Arcy Highway followed by 18 km down a gravel road. This remote location is one of the many Provincial Parks found in British Columbia, Canada.

My wife and I have been going there for years to enjoy the outdoor living in our camper. On one of our trips, I wrote the short story “The Fridge Mystery”. This was the summer of 1999. Each trip up to Birkenhead I found myself writing new stories and mysteries, inspired by the surrounding outdoors of Birkenhead Lake. Other stories found in this book were thought of while I was on one of my many adventures.

This book is dedicated to my beloved wife, Marietta, for her birthday. One of the great enjoyments for Marietta is a good mystery.

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