The Portraits

Dear Readers, as you read through The Portraits, ask yourself these questions: Are these experiences part of my past life? Am I being re-incarnated through The Portraits? Why am I able to visit different periods of history on this Earth? What parts are fact or fiction? I ask you to be the judge.


This book is different from anything I have written in the past, as it is both fiction and nonfiction. In the fall of 2006, I came up with the story of The Portraits. It was when I was on an adventure to the Polynesian Islands and the Philippines, intending to reach the Island of Samoa. 

I was keen on visiting the estate of Robert Louis Stevenson found there, one of my favourite authors. His work called Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde was one that was consistently in my mind while coming up with the idea for The Portraits. I was lucky enough to spend a few days at the estate and discovered two fascinating portraits within the main part of the house.

What I saw in these portraits of Robert Louis Stevenson stuck with me. One portrait depicting thoughts of happiness while the other emphasizing a stormy period in his life. The ideas and inspirations I found in these portraits became the foundation for the setting and storyline of this book.

Throughout the pages are short stories and events, all taking place in a different location and time. Each one leading back to what inspired me to write this book: the portraits found in Mr. Stevenson’s estate. 

It is not who wrote about it, it is who thought about it.

I would like to dedicate this book to Howard James, my great grandfather who was born in Cornwall, England. He was blessed with four children and well respected amongst his peers, while also being known for their generosity. His youngest daughter, Ada, my grandmother, moved to Alberta, Canada. I’m proud of the limited knowledge I have of my great grandfather and his accomplishments while he was on this earth.

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