Thoughtful Moments and Sayings

The complete collection of thoughtful moments and sayings captured over 36 years of my life. The sayings and dates included for each passage reflect in some small way as a diary and a chance to stroll back in time.


I have always stored or written down little bits of information that I collected from my experiences, hoping that at a later date, it would make sense. This habit was something I picked up while going through school. By putting notes with my thoughts together, I believed that as I matured some of the things I’d written would make sense. In the beginning, I had no idea (or intention) of writing a book about my thoughts but rather collected these thoughts for personal reflection.

It wasn’t until I was 38 years of age that I started recording thoughtful moments and sayings for this book. This book not only illustrates some of my sensitive thoughts and sayings at the moment as I’ve written them but also serves as a diary of my life all those years.

For you the reader, the dates or headings of the sayings may mean very little, nevertheless, if you subtract the date from my birthday August 9th, 1941; you may feel an inward picture of how my life evolved, as well as my thoughts as the years trickled away for 36 years.

Today, I’m truly grateful that I persevered over the years and allowed the inspiration of a moment in meditation to take the better part of my thoughts. I sincerely believe that what I have written, at some time over all these years, will deliver enjoyment, enlightenment, and in many cases, wonderment to the reader through this book.

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