Fire: Man’s Best Friend or Worst Enemy

My grandmother, a long time ago, said to me when I was a boy that fire is a good servant but a poor master.

Today I’m going to elaborate on why fire is a good servant. Fire changed man’s way of thinking during the Caveman time. And has improved his standard of living ever since. Fire serves mankind in so many ways. To mention just a few, we are now able to have cooked food, we can stay warm when it’s cold and the list goes on and on forever.

Now to mention fire as a poor master. Today in British Columbia alone, fire has torn apart large portions of the province and reduced them to nothing more than cinders. Areas in British Columbia, equal to the size of Ireland have been destroyed by the fires that are uncontrollable. Communities have lost their homes, belongings, and everything that they’ve worked for. Many of the things that have been lost are irreplaceable and will always be a mere memory of what they had.

The time is long overdue, and we must take action to prevent these disasters. We must find ways in which we can prevent uncontrolled fire burns. We must build barriers that fires can not break through. We must also make sure that the parameters of our towns and villages are protected by dikes or barriers that fires cannot penetrate. There are many things that we can do to prevent the losses that we’ve received this year.

The time to prepare is now- not next year.



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