What Used to be a Minute is Now a Second

Do you think with all the new communications that are available and the opportunities to explore communication with a friend or the world we are better today than we were a decade or two ago? Today instead of finding a telephone on a desk or on the wall, it’s in our back pocket.

When we are going by car, plane, or ship, we do not use maps or charts, but we use navigational technology to guide us where we want to go and how to get there. Where we should be going rather than where think how to get there.

We spend a great deal of time in joint conferences or meetings with new forms of communication on Skype, Instagram, and the list goes on.

Now the question is, are we listening or are we listening but not understanding? Today, like never before we’ve been able to achieve more ways of communicating than ever in the history of mankind. Nevertheless, we don’t understand what the communication is or what the individual is trying to explain even less. It is because our attention span has completely shrunk from half an hour of minutes to a matter of so many seconds. Yes, that’s right… seconds.

The few people who are still watching TV are watching multi-commercials in seconds. Our attention span is now measured in seconds not minutes. We only listen to what we think is relevant. I’ll give you two separate examples, but they relate to the same situation. At fast food outlets, I asked for a hamburger and a Coke. I did not want the combination which includes French fries. What did I get on two separate locations, but the combo? Oh yes, I was charged for the French fries as well. It was the people at the outlets that started to take for granted what I was asking before I was finished.

We have even now created a special word for listening or reading information. We call it ‘scanning’, it doesn’t necessarily mean we read it, just means we’ve got the concept, right or wrong.

Things will have to change, and it means us.



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