The Three Witches Over the Culver of the World

I would like to say in my own way about the three ways that are destroying planet Earth and its inhabitants the human society.

Let us start with 2020 and the introduction of Covid 19. What started possibly with a sick bat is now a pandemic. We have now reached the global community of over a million people who have died of this virus. It is ahead of the flu virus or pandemic in Spain a hundred years ago. Yes, we’ve made progress let there be no mistake we have a vaccine out with more than one company. We’ve done a masterful job of distributing the vaccine wherever possible. Nevertheless, the new strains are keeping pace with our old accomplishments. We must resist this as a long-term project.

The second thing I would like to mention is inflation. Today we must face the reality that inflation has raised its ugly head over 40 years to become a problem. Yes, it is a global problem for it takes away the reality of your survival. With inflation, you are worth less tomorrow than you are today. In other words, your poor and the longer inflation process at any elevation you are in danger with the rest of us.

Finally important by far is the war in Ukraine. What started off as a coup over the true government of Ukraine has now turned into the possibility of World War III. What Putin thought was an easy task of eliminating a troubled government has now turned into the most focused elevation of war since the Second World one. No one and I must repeat no one wins in a war. It’s only the degree of losers that we compare war with. Russia has demonstrated that a well-trained armed force that is given the proper equipment can be inferior in number but superior in accomplishments.

In closing, I would like to say these are the three main prongs or as I mentioned witches of the global community.



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