My Thoughts on Super Tuesday 2016

For the United States of America, it was Super Tuesday. For everywhere else in the world, it was March 1, 2016

I’m sure that a good portion of the candidates that are running for the office of President of the United States are both tired, overworked and definitely have overspent a large amount of money on their campaigns. It’s money being spent to promote things said and actions completed in the past, but none of it going towards the future. Hundreds of millions of dollars from both parties and candidates gone.

I will never understand that the campaign that starts a year ahead of the election of the President of the United States. Nor will I understand hundreds of millions of dollars being spent to put another person in the White House for only four years. I sincerely believe that if their system was changed to a reasonable length of time before the election that it would conform to more of the democratic systems which are practised throughout the world.

I do not think their democratic system as we know it is any better or any worse than other democratic systems throughout the world. However, the squandering of vast amounts of money over a long period of time serves little advantage and shows the rest of the world United States of America squanders money for no just cause.

This same country that has over 30 million people living in poverty.

With another Super Tuesday down the drain, I’m left with these thoughts about campaigning and money blown. At the end of the day was it worth it?

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