My Thoughts on the America First Mantra

America First was the battle cry of the infamous Donald Trump. Now the new man in charge, Joe Biden, is coining the phrase America Is Back. I would like to ask: Back from what?

President Joe Biden had hardly got into the Oval Office when he cancelled the Keystone Pipeline Project. Even after years of negotiations on NAFTA 2.0, he had no problem cancelling the oil reserves from his neighbour to the north, Canada.

Joe Biden’s “America Is Back” then followed with his decision on the Five Eyes: The United States, England, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. He’s managed to reduce it down to the Three Eyes: The United States, England and Australia. Especially when it comes to negotiating contracts about submarines. He has shown the allies of Europe how little a contract from another country means when he feels it’s more important for his foreign policy to bypass them and have Australia renege on their commitments to the submarines. A stab in the back to the French.

Joe Biden’s “America Is Back’” describes in detail how poorly The United States’ foreign policy is when it comes to supporting countries under their umbrella. We have to date back to the 1950s when once again, The United States was involved in a war in North and South Korea, as it is today. In those days it was just Korea and now, of course, North Korea has nuclear capabilities and South Korea has a good economy. The American foreign policy in Vietnam goes to show when the going gets tough, United States gets to leave. Their latest botched foreign policy is Afghanistan. For 20 years, they tried to introduce a quasi-democracy in this country only to abandon the people of Afghanistan that followed their direction and left without any proper preparation. Yes, United States is back in full swing of being the bully of countries that have a democratic system. It’s The United States Way or the highway for any other country that’s under their protection if you can call it that.

In closing, Joe Biden’s barely 6 months as President has shown to the world that The United States is back. It’s back to being what it always has been in the last hundred years, a bully to its allies and poor security for countries seeking the protection of The United States. The world is no better off having The United States BACK.



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