Canada Working Together During the Pandemic

It feels like a lifetime ago that someone flew into Toronto Pearson International Airport carrying what would be Canada’s first case of COVID-19. I look back and still cannot believe how it has changed our lives since it happened. The things that we took for granted in 2019 became distant memories of what we enjoyed. Going to the movies, meeting our friends at pubs, enjoying concerts and the list continues to go on. I look back and think about how lucky I am that my friends and family have stayed healthy during this time. We have done as best as we can to follow health recommendations and get the almighty jab. It seems to be paying off.

What I found during this pandemic is that our political parties, regardless of whether their federal, provincial, or municipal, have really tried their absolute best to work together. I am enormously proud of what they have been able to accomplish in unity. A plan was created around the distribution of the vaccines to ensure it was given to those most at risk first. There were a few bumps along the way. Distribution was suspended by suppliers due to shortages. However, there was nothing the sitting party, opposition party, or everyday Canadians could do about that.

It all comes down to an all too familiar case of supply and demand. Has there ever been anything in such demand in modern history as this vaccine?



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