How to See a Whale Skeleton in Antarctica

I would like to start off by telling you a bit about where I was when this picture was taken. It started with taking a small cruising ship called the Marco Polo. When I arrived on the ship, I talked to a few crew members and learned that in earlier times it had been used as an icebreaker. While its icebreaker days were behind it, you could tell the ship was a workhorse. There are inlets within the Antarctic that you can go ashore, however, they are extremely narrow and difficult to travel through. The ship had a helicopter on board that was used to scout ahead for a safe passage. After carefully passing monstrous glaciers and icebergs, the ship came to land where you see in the picture.

This is the last time I grabbed ice from a glacier with my bare hands.

From what the crew could tell, the skeleton of this great whale had mostly become disenchanted in the inlet and could not find its way out. It became beached on that very shoreline. Standing beside the remains gave true scale to how large they really are. I visualized this enormous mammal swimming freely through the sea in all its glory. I am sure that the aquatic life and other animals of Antarctica appreciated the vast supply of food that had washed onshore, as the bones were picked clean.

Though we were on the shore of the Antarctic in very few locations, it is one fantastic continent to experience. The sheer vastness and isolation from other continents make it unique unto itself. It is one I truly hope all of you get to visit one day.



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