Coping with COVID: The Wisdom of Bishop Sheen

Like so many people in my home region of Collingwood, my bubble has now become very small. It is myself and my wife as the only occupants. However, it has given me more time to explore other ideas and things. One of them has been spending more time on the internet, to be precise, on YouTube. I started by upgrading some of my knowledge on things that I thought I knew or was anxious to learn. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Johnny Carson Show and Dean Martin’s comedy hour, to say nothing of good ol’ Ed Sulivan and his way of introducing people.

Then suddenly, when I came across a name that I was very familiar with from so long ago, the Bishop Sheen Hour on TV. My mother and every housewife that she knew would always take the time off to watch Bishop Sheen. Yes, he was the Bishop in the Roman Catholic Church, he was good-looking and, above all, he had a tremendous style of communicating well on television.

As I watched some of the reruns, I could not help but feel that if Bishop Sheen had not been called to the Holy Order of Rome, he could have been a stand-up comedian. Many of the things that Bishop Sheen said impressed my mother and me. Even though I was still in grade school, I will remember to this day a quote of Bishop Sheen:

When you go to bed tonight, think of the things that you own and then think of the things that own you.


He went on the explain that if you smoke, does the cigarette own you or do you own the cigarette? He went on to give examples of many basic things that we take for granted. The bottom line: he was making one think about what you really need and what you want. Today I can share with my fellow Collingwood neighbours, I have thought a lot about isolation. I am looking forward to spring.

Stay the course and stay safe. Spring is finally here.

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