United States Election: An American House Divided

On November 3, 2020, the American people went to the polls to elect a President for the next four years in the most recent United States election. Several days later the American people and the world still does not know who is going to be the next President. Joe Biden’s closing in on the magic number of 270, while Trump is trailing behind but there are some powerful states yet to report their voting before the close of the Democratic system picks a winner. (See the final election results here from CBC).

The results slowly coming in highlight a country that is deeply divided. There is fear in some cities, as well as municipalities, that violence may erupt due to the results of the election. Abraham Lincoln said, and I quote “A house that is divided will not stand” end of quote. The United States is divided almost into equal camps.

The most disturbing event of this United States election is the retreat of democracy. After the Cold War, there were 43 countries that were democracies. They fought for what democracy represents, ‘for the people, by the people’. Now 22 of these democratic countries have gone into decline from democracy. Yes, the United States of America is one of those countries.

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