Living in the Coronavirus Bubble

As I sat at my desk, ready for the challenges of the day, it was already November 1, 2020, but an unusually bright warm day for this time of year. I just glanced out the window and there was traffic going back and forth at a normal rate, the little convenience store across the street was open for business and people were lined up waiting for the bus to arrive.

I turned my head back to my monitor, and of course, the first flash of news was about the Coronavirus. I stared into the screen, knowing what I was going to read in the article. The second wave of the virus was hitting us. With a sense of sadness in my heart, I returned once more to the window. I did not bother looking at the traffic nor the convenience store, I just looked at the people waiting for the bus. They were all wearing masks.

I could not help but feel a bit of nostalgia for November 1, 2019. My wife and I traditionally go on a cruise in the first quarter of the year. We enjoyed that cruise as we always do, and yes, it came up to our high expectations. Next, I was preparing to go on an Ambassadors’ journey to Africa with World Vision. In the early part of the summer, my wife and I went on an all-inclusive holiday in Mexico. After that, it was time to go camping throughout the summer with our truck and camper. And then, another cruise in October. Yes, that was my life in 2019.

I can not help but think of what 12 months have changed. In January, we first heard about the virus in China. I really did not think much about it, other than it was in China. By March, the virus was not only on our door, but it had entered Canada with Phase 1. All my plans of travel were no longer feasible, no cruises, no all-inclusive holidays. Although I was still optimistic then, later I discovered camping was virtually impossible due to the closure of the US border, but we were extremely fortunate to get two weeks of camping in, enjoying our beautiful British Columbia.

 We now refer to our immediate surroundings as “The Bubble”. My bubble is just so small, it is my wife and myself. A few groceries, a walk with the dog while maintaining social distancing along the sidewalk, a few well-planned visits with the immediate family, laid out in advance so we are the required safe distance apart, oh, I cannot believe what is changed in just one year in my life.

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