Who are Canadians?

I’ve often wondered living in a multicultural city in greater Vancouver how could I live anywhere else and here’s why.

Last month I went to the Joyce Sky train stop. Only for this sky train to come and when it did stop to let me in that car was full. In other words, standing room only. With no hesitation, I got on board and supported myself on one of the supports that are available for people standing.

This is the first one of who a Canadian is and why we are the way we are. A woman in her probably mid-50s of East Indian origin and her daughter were sitting in the two seats. The woman looked at her daughter and said get up and give that man your seat. Without hesitation, the girl got up and motioned for me to take her seat. I thanked the young lady and said no that’s okay. Her mother turned to me and looked directly at me and said you’ve earned the seat she hasn’t please sit down.

That’s the way Canadians think and how they respect their elders.

The next one takes place on my way to the dentist and as I approached the front door of the building a man, I would think in his mid-20s opened the door to go out. He left the door open for me but being slower he realizes that I would make it in time for his kind offer. Instead, he whirled around with the speed of an athlete and held the door open for me.

That’s the way Canadians think of helping another person.

The third.

On April 1 at the bank, as I was standing in line with only three tellers available the wait seemed longer than normal. One teller held us a chair for the client to sit down on while doing the transaction while the other two were standing room only. As I waited patiently along with the other people finally the man in front of me who would be in his mid-30s was next when one of the tellers became available. As we were both waiting patiently along with the others the one teller who had the chair became available. The man without hesitation turned to me and said go ahead it is yours. I said no you’ve been waiting just as long as I have it’s your turn, he said I’m going to wait until another one comes available that one’s yours.

That’s the way Canadians show who we are and where we are in this world.

These people I’ve never met before my life, and they’ve definitely come from all walks of life as well as different parts of the world. However, they have one common thing that nobody can ever take away from them which is their Canadian. When you think like these people you are Canadian no matter where you are. I am so very grateful to be one of the Canadians.

In closing, I’d like to quote Pres. Joe Biden when he was VP and had a visit to Canada. In his closing remarks, he said, and I quote “ We need more Canadians.”



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