The Other Guy’s Opinion on Artificial Intelligence or AI

I would like to start by going back to the 1950s. Those days people still had ice boxes and only the affluent had fridges. The Iceman would come every second week with a block of ice and put it in the ice box. Also, at this time milk was delivered daily by a milkman and a bread man would deliver the pastry. Both had horse-drawn vehicles.

The elevators were manned by personnel that would take you to the desired floor that you wished to exit on or if you wanted to return to ground level the same elevator with the personnel would oblige you. When you went with your car to a service station personnel would come out fill your gas tank, clean your windows, and check the oil.

Television had just started with black-and-white and by the mid-50s was in color. At the present time, artificial intelligence has already entered our lifestyle. For example, you can practically go all over the world and make a deposit or withdrawal from an ATM machine. There is no longer a need to have a teller at a bank do the transactions.

It’s hard to believe that people lived without a computer and especially the Internet. Today we can communicate with each other all over the world with this medium. Retail box stores and grocery outlets have now adopted self-checkouts with the help of one retail personnel.

Some of the statistics that are coming out for the future are as follows. The global community population is contracting. Developed countries’ citizens are reducing the number of children per family. Also, this year the baby boomers will become 65. This age group will retire and put additional burdens on the working force. Instead of contributing to Social Security and other social programs this age group will draw down the need for more hospitals, intense units, old folk’s homes, and well-care homes.

This burden is going to live strictly on the working class. This class is going to be smaller than the ones they must look after. Which will mean two things higher taxes and forward thinking and artificial intelligence can substitute for the loss of active employees.

It is predicted that by 2050 there could be as many as 300 million jobs lost. As well as the contraction of the population of the world. An example that was given was China which at present time has a billion plus people however by 2050 this number may be reduced to as low as 300 million. Once again this is caused by the one-child program of the past and the young people of the present not having children.

It is vital if we are going to have the standard of living that we have now to invest heavily in artificial intelligence. All of this will enable us to do transactions manual tasks through artificial intelligence. In many ways, it will become more efficient as artificial intelligence can draw on the vast amount of data that has already been compiled and will be even greater when needed.

The future looks bright if we are about to engage in progressing with technology.



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