4 Quick Tips for Backpacking Travelers

I have had the good fortune throughout my life to travel on every continent on this planet. Over the many years of travelling as a lonely backpacker, I have a few suggestions that may help those in the future. Below, I’ve outlined a few of my top quick tips and recommendations for backpacking travellers!

1. Travel Fast

It is imperative that any backpacker looking to experience as much as possible stay light on their feet when moving between locations. There is a lot to see on any journey, and when backpacking, it gives you a chance to have a much more personal experience. Take full advantage of this by maximizing your time at your desired points of interest and not lollygagging on the way. Another reason for this is because of the items (or lack thereof) that you bring with you.

2. Travel Light

Travelling as light as possible is extremely important when backpacking. I travelled once with an Australian who only had one set of clothes that he travelled with for over two months. He washed them whenever possible every night. I personally think that is a bit extreme. But, I highly recommend at least two garments – one for the backpack and the one you are wearing. I also always bring a small medical supply on any trip.

3. Versatile Clothing For Backpacking

When packing light, it’s always good to ensure that the clothing you bring is comfortable in most terrain and conditions. You will thank yourself for buying a good pair of boots that can handle mud, wet terrain, and most importantly, keep your feet comfortable. They will be your best friend by the end of the trip. Boots should be paired with a pair of high-quality socks. Once again, the condition of your feet can make or break a successful backpacking trip. The more socks, the better. Lastly, an all-purpose jacket that is weatherproof can be worn in a diverse range of climates.

4. Getting Misplaced as a Traveler

When travelling alone, even with your guidebooks and your itinerary,  you will very likely get misplaced.  I personally have found the hardest or most challenging area was train stations. It is usually only a matter of 10 minutes, or thereabouts, that you have to get to the train you want before it pulls away from the platform.  Spend a lot of time preparing yourself as to which platform the train is coming in on, and this can change quickly, so be alert.

When all else fails, and you are not sure exactly where you are or where you want to be going, follow an old Russian proverb. Ask five people the same question, and if you get the same answer five times, chances are you are getting the right answer. Over the years I have used this as a golden rule.

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