A Lesson on Online Scams

In today’s fast-growing, ever-changing communications, whether it’s the old phone, cell phone, tablet, laptop, or PC, we are now being inundated with a scam. Without any hesitation, I can say personally I’ve been inundated with phone calls from unscrupulous people that wish to expose me to their scams. On my laptop, as well as my PC, there are numerous scams in my emails. Every week I experience someone who wishes to take advantage of my good nature and honest people to prove that they are nothing more than out to take advantage of innocent people.

This can be anything from a marketing tool on the telephone or an enticing free trip to marketing false products and gimmicks that will relieve a person of their money. I’m sure all of us have experienced a friend or personally one that has been taken advantage of the unscrupulous people. These people are con artists, shysters, and criminals working through the new mediums of communication. The most vulnerable people are the retired or elderly that have not kept pace with the criminal activities of these people.

Many times, I’ve read on the Internet or in the news that elderly people have been conned out of large amounts of money. Literally, in the thousands of dollars, these scammers have removed sums of money or procured sums of money from the elderly. This can happen from anything from thinking that you’re giving a donation to an honourable organization to the removal of your funds from your bank.

On the occasions that I’ve experienced such scams, I’ve gone down to the local RCMP office with the information. The officers on duty were more than sympathetic but informed me that literally hundreds, yes, hundreds of these criminal acts are taking place all the time. In other words, they’re getting away with your money because you trust them. It’s a sad day when we can’t trust people, but this day has arrived when it comes to marketing the shrewdness and criminal intensity of these people who are scammers. The last of the problems is that cybercrimes are something that we have no control over. It is data and large companies, governments of all categories, medical labs, universities, banks, and any other organization that has your data. When these companies are breached or hacked your data goes with the information. This is the worst type of cyber attack on an individual.

I sincerely hope that many of you will read this article and take heed when you receive a phone call or an email that doesn’t seem quite right. The chances are it isn’t right, at least not for you. The only suggestion that I may have is that you should change your passwords approximately every three months just in case there is a cyberattack on one of the institutions you do business with or have an association with. All I can say to you and myself is to beware of what is happening in the global community around you. It is constantly changing, and hackers are improving their methods of cybercrime.



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