Visiting Parque Nacional Torres Del Paine

The picture above is of myself while visiting the breathtaking Parque Nacional Torres Del Paine. The Torres Del Paine themselves are the three iconic granite pillars that soar vertically above the Patagonian Steppe. The name of the pillars translates into “Towers of Blue”, which I can only imagine was inspired by the way they sit against a clear blue sky. This is one of the finest national parks in South America with a well-designed trail system. One of these trails will bring you to the exact spot I am standing in the picture.

I had chosen to start my trekking on the Argentine side of the Patagonians to make my way to the view on the Chilean side where this picture is from. The terrain is remarkably similar on both sides the Argentines and the Chileans, with a challenging but rewarding hike. Along the way, you will see all sorts of astounding vegetation and geography, all while the pillars watch your every step. A highlight is seeing the many guanacoes that roam the national park. I was fortunate enough to have good weather while taking on the rugged trail. When it rains the trail turns into harsh mud, making it hard to proceed through the park.

This was one of the many highlights of my journey to South America, where I had the privilege of experiencing this enchanted continent.



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