I’m Okay, I’m Alright

This essay is a true account of a remarkable woman. We have all been spending more time at home due to the virus. I have been spending more time watching America’s Got Talent. And here is the story of a remarkable woman whose stage name is ‘Nightbirde’, but her real name is June Marczewski.

When this young lady of 30 years of age entered the stage, it was like a bright light of happiness and energy that entered the area where the performance was to take place. Simon Cowell, a judge on the show, then asked the young lady her name, which she did give both her stage name and her real name. Simon then asked what she did for a living? She replied, “I have not been working for the last four years since I have cancer in the spine, the lungs, and my liver”. With that revelation shared with the world, he encouraged her to perform the original song she had written about her view on life.

Nighbirde’s performance can be watched here.

The song consisted of her dynamic personality, outgoing spirit, and above all her remarkable voice. Part of the song was the lyrics: “I’m okay, I’m alright”. And each time she said this, she reached out to the audience with her bubbly personality to assure us she was. After the performance, Simon reached over and pushed the Golden Buzzer, the highest accolade that America’s Got Talent gives. She then turned to Simon and said:

You can't wait until life isn't hard anymore before you decide to be happy...

On February 19, 2022, this remarkable young lady died of cancer. I’m sure that she left many of us and especially me remembering what she said.



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