The Girl From Ghana

What I’m prepared to share with you today is something that changed my life forever. I was with a group of Canadian Ambassadors for World Vision in Ghana.

Our Canadian Ambassadors from World Vision Canada visited some of the NGO areas where we were aiming to make a difference. We came to a schoolyard, not like Canada’s but with very plain one-story buildings. In the middle of the playground or courtyard was an essential piece of equipment – it was a water pump. Promoting and bringing clean water to all is critical to these trips through World Vision and an important goal for me.

We gathered in a semicircle around the water pump as a community leader explained how the village used the pump in their daily lives. The pump was very well monitored and controlled by the town. Nobody could walk over and pump out what they wanted at any time. If someone wanted to pump out water, they would have to wait for a qualified person to unlock the pump and have them monitor it until they reached the desired amount.

After, the villagers took us through a demonstration of how they retrieved water from the pump. The leaders brought different people out to explain how having a pump in the village has impacted their daily lives. It was beautiful to hear how much of a positive impact these trips had on others worldwide.

One memory I’ll never forget is of this one young girl who shared her experience. One of the leaders encouraged her to step forward into the inner circle, and we could see that she was on crutches. I don’t think she was more than maybe 16 years of age with the lower portion of her right leg missing.

She explained how difficult it was for her to get water until they had brought the pump into the schoolyard. Previously, she would have had to travel on her own to retrieve water at a source out of town. She explained her gratefulness and started to cry, and so did my heart for her.

Every day I think of this young girl and how grateful she was to have water to pump in the schoolyard. Whenever I’m brushing my teeth and watching the water flow freely out of the tap, I think of this young girl and how much the accessibility of water can have on a life.



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