Why Artificial Intelligence is Our Future

This blog is going to share some of the things that I have learned about Artificial Intelligence and why I think it will become a huge part of our future. First, I would like to say that in today’s world every one of us is impacted by Artificial Intelligence and has been for a long time, even without realizing it. Technological advancements that seem simple today – automatic street lights to the microwave – can now be impacted by this new wave of artificial intelligence integration.

We are going through a transition from manual to high-tech intervention. Recently, Facebook has changed its name to Meta Platforms Inc. to comply with the future of what this company is heading towards. They’re not alone. Anything from the electric car to new gadgets for everyday use is racing to the top of the technological ladder.

One of the things that we will experience in full force in the very near future is virtual reality. I had the opportunity to witness the following experience online: Mary Poppins was on stage in the United States of America. She reached down and produced a hologram of her likeness. She then transferred the hologram to a stage in Japan. The hologram continued giving the presentation that Mary Poppins was giving in America but to the Japanese audience in Japanese. A completely different language in a different venue on the other side of the planet.

Today we have cars on the road that are not only electric but are soon to be self-driving. This will be the future of transportation with cars, trucks and other large vehicles on the highways. This new innovation of travel will be much safer and will leave the driving to the vehicle and not the driver.

Norway has already produced a cargo ship that is totally generated by electricity. As transport converts to the new opportunities of leaving the carbon footprint behind the world will be in a better position for the future.

Today in the medical profession we are already experiencing laser technology. This procedure is already being used for eye surgery as well as gallbladder removal of stones and other intricate parts of the human body. It is just the beginning as surgeons will use laser technology to complete operations like heart surgery, brain surgery and other difficult areas to operate on without a scalpel.

We are already experiencing endless ways of communicating through technology. Whether it’s conference rooms, Instagram or other means of communicating without being present and accounted for. As we continue to explore all these new avenues of artificial intelligence, they will become the tools that we will use tomorrow. Many of the artificial intelligence programs will be taught in the comfort of your own environment.

The most important part of this new frontier of artificial intelligence is to be able to share it throughout the world so the less fortunate can enjoy the new technology.



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